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Organic Gardening

Indoor Organic Garden

Organic Garden
Posted: October 4, 2018 at 4:15 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

If you are a fan of gardens but live in a city apartment and have a scarcity of space, don’t worry, we have got you covered. We understand one’s crave for a natural environment around them where they could breathe in fresh air and therefore, we have some exclusive tips that can get you your dream indoor organic garden in no time.

With indoor organic gardening, you won’t have to stress about the lack of space, or garden. All you would require are windows through which your plants would breathe and a good source of light if it’s possible. With the minimal resources, you can grow whatever you want in your indoor garden. You should know that almost every vegetable can be grown in containers such as hanging pots, baskets, etc. What you need to take care of is the size of the plant when it matures. Make sure you have a container big enough to sustain a mature plant in it.

The organic soil would be available in any nearby gardening center. You can also some packet composts that could increase the nutrition value of the plants you want to grow.

Indoor Organic Garden

Tips for the indoor organic garden:

  • For starters, let your plants get one or two days in the sunlight before you put them away in the containers. This would help sustain life in them and they will grow out to be healthy as well. While you keep them under the sun, in your house, they would start to accumulate in the new surroundings and this would help them grow better and beautiful.
  • In case you are thinking of planting a tomato plant in the garden, make sure you do that by putting each plant in less than eight to ten inches in diameter. When you plant them inside, make sure to plant them as deep so that they could touch the soil line. Also, tie a stick to the growing tomato plant so that it doesn’t bend over or lean while it grows into a mature plant.
  • Plants like bush beans are also required to be planted in eight inches of diameter. Beans and peas can be planted in hanging baskets so that they could hang and grow downwards when they get matured. This not only gives the plants a comfortable environment to settle, but it also gives out a good esthetics for you.
  • This method works out great for some people, which of course depend on the perspective. What you have to do is find a south-facing window at your place and remove the curtains, but not the curtain rods. Now hang some squash plants of the same type using hanging baskets. Let them grow properly and train them to grow towards the curtain rods and cling to them. Try this method during winter months so as to get a live and beautiful curtain by the beginning of your summers. And, of course, you will have fresh squash to eat as well.

The tips given above are self -tried and work very fine. Use them and also try different methods to glorify your indoor organic garden and create a better environment for your potted plants. Hope it helps!