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  • Garage Door Makes Banging Noise When Opening
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    Garage Door Makes Banging Noise When Opening

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    How Long is Interior House Paint Good For?

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    How to Install Glass Railing on Stairs

Garage Door Makes Banging Noise When Opening

Posted : November 6, 2020 at 6:49 am

How Long is Interior House Paint Good For?

Posted : November 5, 2020 at 4:21 am

How to Install Glass Railing on Stairs

Posted : October 19, 2020 at 8:36 am

Do You Need to Change Lock After Buying a House?

Posted : October 9, 2020 at 5:07 am

How to Adjust Garage Door Height?

Posted : October 5, 2020 at 5:43 am

Things to Check for Buying the Best Baby Stroller

Posted : December 20, 2019 at 7:58 am

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Garage Door Makes Banging Noise When Opening

Garage Door Makes Banging Noise When Opening

November 6, 2020

What is mean by garage door?

Garage door is used in the houses at the garage area. In the garage we will keep the old things or some tools. The garage is used mostly in the house because all important tools will be left over there. For repairing some items we will take that thing to the garage and do our work. We won’t take it inside the home. Gardening things also kept over there. It is not only used for these things but also used for parking too. Mostly it is used for car parking or vehicles parking. In all houses the garage will be present. We can’t park vehicle as our wish because it causes trouble to the public. If we park our vehicle in outdoor of the house also cause trouble due to climatic changes. It affects the condition of the vehicles too. The size of the garage depends on our needs and size of the vehicle. We can park cars, two wheelers and trucks too in the garage at the same time. It is based on the garage size. The garage door services Minneapolis can be operated both by manual and electrical way. From the garage we can directly go into the house, there will be opening to the house. So we need not to come out after parking the vehicle, we can close the door from inside the garage.

What makes banging noise while opening the door?

What makes banging noise while opening the door

The garage door is attached to some springs. This is used to lift the door. The spring is used both in manual and electric operated door. Without the spring we can’t lift the door. Sometimes the spring may get stucked due to rusting over it. It is caused by the long time usage and changes in weather condition. The water present in the spring will corrode it easily. So it will cause some banging sound while opening and closing of the door. This is the not only reason for the noisy sound. There are some other reasons too. The improper fitting of the door also leads to noisy sound. The door is not fitted properly to the place where it is fixed. Because the size of the door may vary, so it won’t fix properly. That time it will cause the banging noisy sound in the door. The loss of lubrication will cause the noise too. Lubrication is must to operate the garage door because we need to apply some oil or grease to the door regularly. Without the lubrication in the door we can’t lift it easily. The door will be easily blocked at the center. It makes unpleasant sound to hear. So we need to apply the lubrication oil in regular interval of time. The loose nuts in the door will also make the noise. By the regular usage of the door, some nuts can get loosen. The opening and closing of the door will cause the nuts to move from its place. For some moves the door will be in good condition, but after regular usage problems will arise one by one. So we need to make sure that the nuts are fixed properly in the regular period of time. We need to maintain the garage door properly, because the noisy sound will make unpleasant sound to us and surrounding people too. At regular interval of time we need to check the door properly to avoid those noise causing issues. Without the regular checkup it may damage the complete door system. The lock should be also maintained properly or else the thieves can enter into the garage and steel the things. It’s our duty to maintain the garage door properly.

Interior House Paint

How Long is Interior House Paint Good For?

November 5, 2020

Everybody knows the importance of paint for our houses. Paints give new life to our house. But your house looks beautiful until your paints give a fresh look. But with time paint colors become dull and need new paint for your house.

People want to know about what should be the frequency of paint in our houses. But its answer varies from person to person because there is a different life span of your exterior and interior paint.

Today here we will explain to you everything about how long is interior house paint good for. To grab more information about the life of your interior, the paint stays here with us

How often should you paint the interior house?

How often should you paint the interior house

There is no exact answer to that because there are many factors that affect your interior paint's life.

Quality of paint:

The most crucial factor that affects the life of interior paint is the quality of your paint. It is good to prefer good quality paint because it will long for more years than cheap paints.

How much you use?

How much you use

Some rooms like kitchens, sleeping rooms, TV lounge, and baths are used more than other areas in our house. The more you use a place lesser will be the life of your paint.

There is different time-frequency in different areas. It is recommended that busy areas need to paint after two to three years.

While the areas such as living rooms, guest rooms, and your stores that often use used should paint after five to seven years. Your interior painting life span for the ceiling can be more than ten years.

Skills of Painters:

Better you paint your house longer will be the life of your interior paints. Painting is not a difficult task now, but it does not mean that it is very easy, and everybody can do that.

There is a vast difference in the quality of paint between a fresh painter and a skilled painter. If you hire some professional painters to paint your house, it will last for more time than fresh painters.

Other Factors:

Some other factors will also affect the lasting of your interior paint. If your walls are in front of sunlight, then their paint life will be shorter.

Temperature also affects; the higher temperature will shorten the life of interior paint. Walls like in bath and kitchens where water used also shorten the life of your interior house paint.

The places where you install any machinery or do some mechanical works, such as your vehicles' garage, also have less time for lasting the paint.

Final Thoughts:

Your exterior house paint and interior house paint has different lasting times. You should know about interior paint and all the factors that affect its lasting life.

In our above article about how long is interior house paint good for, We have provided you complete information about factors that affect the life of interior house paint. We hope you better understood our article.

How to Install Glass Railing on Stairs

How to Install Glass Railing on Stairs

October 19, 2020

Many of the people want their new or old home stairs decorated with glass railing. If you too want to do that with your home and want to know the steps of the installation, below have been mentioned the very general method to install the glass rails. Let's have a look at all the required steps in this method one by one.

Install Posts

For installing the glass rails, first of all, we need to fix some support that can hold the glass panels. These supports are known as posts that need to be fixed on each of the treads. For doing so we need the help of neoprene pads, drill machines, and screws. While installing these posts we should take care of many of the things like the posts should be straight and firm. The RCB holes of each post should face the next post in the line. The gap between the posts should not exceed more than 5 feet. You can do these things with the method of surface mounting or either with Fascia mounting.

Install Top Rails

Install Top Rails

In the next step you should, install the top rails on the posts. In this method, you need to make the holes in the top rails if the holes are not there already. After doing so you need to keep them on the posts and press them till you feel it will not go more down on the posts. The ends of the top rails should fix with the method inline splices. After this, you need to Mount top Rails properly and check that nothing is loose from any angle. Once you find that everything is good on the top rails, you should fix the endplates of the top rails with the help of proper screws, visit here for more :

RCB Mount

In this step, you need to mount the RCB on the given place within the frames of posts. After this, you need to measure and cut the bottom rails. Once you cut them properly, you need to fix these bottom rails just in the way you did for the top rails. Except for one or two methods, the rest of the steps of installing the bottom rails is just like the installation method of top railings.

Vinyl and refill work

Once you complete the above steps, you need to cut and install the Vinyl and Refill. Before you start doing this, you need to take the measurements of the top and bottom rails once again. After that, you need to match those measurements with vinyl and refill and cut them if needed.

Measuring the panel of glass

Measuring the panel of glass

After this, we need to measure the glass panel which we want to install in between the frames formed by posts and top and bottom rails. After measuring, cut the glasses if required, and make it ready to install.

Installing of glass panels

Now in the installation method, you need to keep the soapy water or any lubrication on all the edges of the glass and on the area nearby the edges. Now you just need to keep this glass insert first of either in down rail or top rail and then adjust it to fit firmly in that frame.


Above we discussed one of the many methods for installing the glass railing. This method is just a simple method that gives you just the general idea of the installation of glass railing. For more info about any specific type of glass railing installed, you can visit our other posts on the same topic or you may google that too.

Change Lock After Buying a House

Do You Need to Change Lock After Buying a House?

October 9, 2020

When we buy a new house, there are so many things that come to our mind, for example, mortgage payment, new neighbours, decorating, renovating, packing, and unpacking. When you are doing all these things then do not forget to address your new home’s security.

Here is one question that always comes to your mind: should I change my new home lock after buying a house or although you might feel nostalgic remembering your realtor’s ceremonial presentation of the keys when you are a first-time homeowner. For a new home rekeying is a sensible idea.

If your home lock has been changed then the previous owners had any copies of the key or they can give that spare key to anyone. This process is very easy to break into your house. So should I change locks after buying a house, you should scroll down to find out. After buying a house, you should change the house locks or go for a rekey process.

Do You Need to Change Lock After Buying a House

The locksmith Jacksonville Beach should be your preference or priority when you are moving into the new house. Most people create spare copies of the key so it might be possible that the previous homeowners had a few extra sets that they gave to trusted neighbours, family members, and friends or even to the contractors. You don’t know anything or you don’t have any previous knowledge about the home key in this case you should change the lock of the home or rekey it. If you are not doing this thing then any stranger having quick and easy access to my home is unsettling.

Every person who is moving into a new home they must want to feel safe and secure when you lay down your head at night. You have two options if you really want to feel confident in your new home’s security.

● You can go for the rekey process for the lock
● You can change the entire lock.

Replacing the entire lock is quite expensive and time-consuming because it's an invasive and complicated method. If you are going to change the entire lock or two, three, or eight locks then you have to replace it with another model. This option is recommended if you don’t feel the current lock is reliable or you would like to upgrade to a stronger lock for your new home.

If you are happy with the home’s lock but you are also afraid of the extra copies of the key floating around then you have only one simpler option: rekeying. When you rekey a lock, you can change the lock so that it can be operated by another key. This thing is only done by altering the tumbler, changing the water configuration, or forcing a new key exchange. When the lock has been rekeyed the new key can operate the lock and the old key will be invalidated. Your new home will be more secure.

To rekey or change the lock will be simply called a reliable, trustworthy. Many new homeowners don’t change or rekey their locks but it is hard to understand. You know why? This process is simple, quick, and affordable and this process does not take time. The process will also secure your home for years. It is just like a one-time investment. So, when you are purchasing a new home or shifting to a new home then don’t forget and don’t underestimate the importance of rekeying. Always remember the lock code and right key of each lock of your home.

How to Adjust Garage Door Height

How to Adjust Garage Door Height?

October 5, 2020

Adjusting a garage door height is an easy task and it takes just ten to fifteen minutes to fix it. Usually, the height of a garage door is adjusted by the garage opener which is called tweaking. It controls the process of opening and closing the work of the garage door repair Atlanta. Once you fully read the garage controller then it is very simple to adjust its height. Even it is very important to adjust the height because it improves security and energy. So the below points will show how to adjust the garage door’s height in simple steps.

Adjust Garage Door Height

When you decided to fix this problem then you should have the two components such as step ladder and a screwdriver. So the first step is to try to place your step ladder in front of the garage door. And adjust its height for your wish. The main thing is to make sure it is stable or not. After that, you should find out the height adjustment screws. And you can find out this on the side of the garage door opener. Mostly it is made in plastic and you can easily find out them because they already having markings like “open” and “close” or “up” and “down”. Then step three is this is the last step to adjusting its height.

And adjusting the height is always depends on you so try to clear about that. So if you want less space when the door is closed then you should turn the screw either open or up in the clockwise direction. Turing the open screw will increase the height of the door also truing the close screw will reduce the height of the door. After doing this just test the limits and this is for whether it is correctly fixed or not. Finally, adjust the closing height like truing close and down screws. In this, you should turn the screws in the counterclockwise. So these are all the steps to fix the garage door, read it and make use of it.

Six Troubleshooting Tip for Electric Garage Doors:

Six Troubleshooting Tip for Electric Garage Doors

The first one is to check the power source. If the opener does not get the power frequently then it may not work properly. The second step is to check there is no dirt on the opener because if dust occupies the opener then it will not work properly. The third step is also checking and this checking is for damage to the door. If the door gets damaged then it also causes imperfect condition of the door. The fourth step is taking a cooler and cools the door for fifteen minutes. Sometimes heat will cause this problem. The fifth tip is pushing the auxiliary push-button control. If it is working correctly then the problem is in the defective push-button control so try to change it. The sixth tip is the same security code can also cause this problem so try to change the code of yours. So follow these steps and fix the problems quickly. 

What kind of stroller does a newborn need

Things to Check for Buying the Best Baby Stroller

December 20, 2019

Buying strollers for your baby is essential as you have to take them outside to let them get comfortable in an open environment. Such things are essential for the new parents, as you need you to provide all the requirements for the baby. You need to help them see different things and go under the sunlight to make their skin get the sunlight. Such things are important and you have to take care of all these things. With the help of the strollers, you can take your baby on a ride and let them see different things. It can be difficult to carry the baby for some people and using a stroller will help in making it easier for you.

How much does the baby stroller cost?

How much does the baby stroller cost?

The cost of the baby strollers is essential as you cannot spend money which can affect your budget. Most of the baby strollers are available within a reasonable price, so you can buy them without any worries. You can go to a trusted store and buy the stroller. By comparing the price of the stroller can also help you to find the actual price of the stroller.

Check out the different types of strollers

To buy the best baby stroller you need to find the list of all the top strollers. It is essential that you check all the strollers and then consider the ones which prove best for your baby. The comfort of your baby should be your top priority. That is why if possible, you should go to the store and check out all the strollers for yourself. Only after you check them, then you can make a decision whether you have to buy the baby stroller or not. Here are some different types of baby strollers that you can buy for your baby.

• Full-sized stroller
• Lightweight or umbrella stroller
• Jogging stroller
• Double stroller
• Car seat carrier
• Travel system

Is the stroller newborn friendly?

If you want to find out about What kind of stroller does a newborn need then you should look for a newborn friendly stroller. Check out all whether the stroller is comfortable to use or not. After you check such things, then you should make a decision whether to buy it or not.

Weight and foldable quality of the stroller

Weight and foldable quality of the stroller

It is essential that you check the weight of the stroller so that you can easily handle it. You should also check if the stroller is foldable or not so that you can easily move them around. If you are going to any new place, then you can easily fold the stroller and put it in your car. This way your baby will have a comfortable experience when moving to a new place.

If you want to learn What kind of stroller does a newborn need, then all these details can help you to understand more about it. Such things are essential so that you can buy the best baby stroller. If you cannot find the time to go out and buy the strollers, then you should check the online baby stores.

Understand Why People Use Online Flower Delivery Service In Nairobi

Understand Why People Use Online Flower Delivery Service In Nairobi

December 5, 2019

The flower is one of the best ways to decorate your home or office. It helps to enhance the living room aesthetic appeal. It plays an important role in special events like weddings, office events, and others. If you are looking for the best gift for your loved one then the flower is the right choice. Sending the flower is simple in the modern days because most of the floral shop offers online flower delivery service.

Online flower delivery service has made our daily life simple. You can order the beautiful flower online and send it to your loved one doorstep. In recent times, it is a growing trend to purchase products online. The online flower delivery Nairobi service brings you a variety of flowers at a reasonable price. Ordering the flower online can be beneficial in different ways. Below are some reasons why people utilize online flower delivery service.

Order flower conveniently

Order flower conveniently

One of the benefits of ordering the flower is convenient. You no need to travel to local floral shops taking the vehicles through the busy roads. Connect the data connection with the mobile phone and visit the popular online floral shops to purchase flowers in few clicks. You can save more time by ordering the flower online. However, ordering the flower online is very simple so the people no need technical knowledge. They can deliver the flower to the correct destination.

Special deals and discounts

Sitting at home, you can order the beautiful flower online at a lower price. On the festival time, the online floral shop also offers special discounts on flower and bouquet that helps you save money. You can spend that money for other purposes such as decoration, buying gifts and others. The local flower shop does not provide discounts to the customers.

Exciting varieties of flowers

Exciting varieties of flowers

One more reason for ordering flower online is that offer exciting varieties of flowers. You can find different kinds of flowers like rose, Orchids, carnations, lilies, gerberas and mixed flowers. Online flower delivery Nairobi services give a vast range of options to select from. They also offer bouquet based on the purpose of sending flowers. The online floral shop offers flower delivery for different occasions such as birthday, wedding anniversary, and marriage, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day and others.

Secure payment methods

Online flower delivery shop offers safe payment gateways to the buyer. The people can make immediate online payments through debit cards, credit cards, net banking or other modes of payments. The online floral shop keeps customer transaction detail secure from hackers. The payment method offered on the flower delivery site is completely safe for transactions. You can stay in peace of mind when ordering flowers online.

Send flower at midnight

If you are planning the surprise birthday party for your loved one and need to send the flower at midnight then you can use an online flower delivery service. The online floral shop offers an array of delivery options like express, midnight, same-day delivery and others. You can choose the delivery method as per your choice. When the florist makes the delivery at midnight, it will be a great surprise to your dear one without doubt.

These are the main reason for ordering the flower online. They deliver a fresh and beautiful flower to the customers. The online florist purchases the flower directly from the flower garden so they have fresh flowers. They will deliver the flower and bouquets to the accurate location within the deadline that makes the day more memorable. Online flower delivery brings happiness to people.

bedroom decorating mistakes interior designers notice

What Mistakes Are Noticed By The Interior Designers?

November 26, 2019

From the beginning to the end of the home improvements or building the new home, there is need to hire professional interior designers. They are able to provide excellent interior designing services. They help to create the best home please of beauty. As well, you will be able to make the adorable home with all the utilities.

Empty Walls

There are number of people who have empty words at home and it’s a complete look disgusting. Now, you don’t need to be worried and get the advantages of these empty walls and create unique designs.

Bad Furnishings

When do you want to avoid the bad furnishings of home then it is quite good to work with the professional interior designers. They are able to provide the efficient services of fixing the furniture as per size. You will be able to improve the visual balance of the room and entire area of the home.

Look UP Ceiling

In order to get the best home, it is mentioned to work on the designation of roofs. Today, you will be able to get the services of feelings and it plays a big role. Indeed, it is good to make the ceiling higher and brighter. So, you don’t need to keep the ceiling white all the time.

Stop the Overdoing

When you are decorating the home then it is good to have the right professional for interior design decoration. They suggest the home accessories and add on these home accessories to clean up space. As well, you will be able to make the best style statement. So, you need to consult with professionals and stop the overdoing of the decoration.

Doesn’t Make too Matchy-Matchy

Doesn’t Make too Matchy-Matchy

There are number of people who are making the entire home matchy-matchy. Actually, you don’t need to make things similar in the home. You have to try the different textures, patterns for color in different rooms. Even, these things are in trend when you are using different colors on different walls.


What 9 bedroom decorating mistakes interior designers notice easily? There are number of mistakes not used easily by professional interior designers. They are able to provide the best admiration into the entire area. In the home, they make desired changes and work on that designing award all the bad points. Your home needs to be relaxed and feel great when you have the professional to get great home designs.

Power Interruptions

Most of the time, homeowners are suffering from power interruptions. Now, you don’t need to be worried and hard the expert designer who provides experienced designing services. You will be able to get rid out of the power instructions.

Viewless Rooms

When do you want to get the best rooms? Make sure, you are dealing with right professionals who provide better services with interior designing. You will be able to get some natural light in room. So, you can buy the best utilize of the sunlight and work on the most frequent home decoration. All the mistakes are noticed by the professional interior designer.

The Stinky

professional interior designer

It is highly mentioned to get advice from expert interior designers. They have better knowledge and can guide to make the wall home updates and renovations. You have to get services by right experts always. At some point, The Home is covered with stink. Actually, there is a need to work on these facts of which help to remove all the bad smell from home. When you have a professional interior designer then they will be able to notice all the mistakes instantly.

How to make Coffee with Nespresso Machine

How to make Coffee with Nespresso Machine?

October 19, 2019

To be honest with you, coffee is a very exceptional drink that gives you some sort of energy and strength to you complete your daily life works. Most of the people love to make coffee and you could be the same person. In addition, it is not that much easy for new people to make a cup of coffee without having proper knowledge and information. What about the situation when you do not know much about the procedure of making coffee with the nespresso machine? Well, in order to become much more familiar with the making procedure of coffee with a nespresso machine you will have to go through the following paragraph without asking anyone else.

Cup Sizes

At the very first moment, you will have to choose appropriate cups of the perfect size which you can use to drink the coffee that will you make with the nespresso machine. The Lungo Cup is a very good alternative which you can use to make coffee. On the other hand, you can also use espresso 40 ml cup in the same situation. In brief, Lungo 110ml and Espresso 40ml cups are ideal to be used for making a cup of coffee with nespresso machines.

Make sure that you have chosen the best cups of coffee while searching for how to make coffee with nespresso machine right now.

Make sure the water tank is filled with fresh water

Make sure the water tank is filled with fresh water

When you are all set to make a cup of coffee by using the nespresso machine then make sure that the water tank is filled with fresh and pure water. One should always return the water tank of the nespresso machine before start making coffee. It is your responsibility to ensure that the water tank is filled with fresh water. This is the very first step to making coffee.

Turn the machine on by pressing the button

After filling the water tank with water, now you will have to turn the machine on by pressing the button. In some machines, there could be two buttons in which one will be used to turn on the machine. You will have to use the user instructions carefully for understanding with the button is used for turning on the machine. You also have to check out which button you have to use for shutting off the machine.

Let the machine heat up

It’s truly necessary for you to let the less pressure machine heat up after pressing the start button. If you will not allow the machine to heat up properly then the taste and performance of your prepared copy could not be that much great. This is yet another considerable procedure that you will have to follow for making a cup of coffee by using the nespresso machine.

Check the steady light which indicates that the machine is ready

Check the steady light which indicates that the machine is ready

After following the previous steps successfully now, you will have to check the steady light which indicates that the machine is ready to make coffee. If the light is blinking then you should wait for a few minutes as it is the indication that a machine is taking some time to get ready.

Open the machine

Now, you will have to open up the machine to place the capsule of coffee which will make coffee for you. Free and open up the machine door professionally without committing any kind of mistake. When you are searching around how to make coffee with nespresso machine then this can be the biggest thing that you have to consider.

Insert a capsule

When the door is open of espresso machine, which is the perfect time for you to insert a capsule of copy which you have chosen according to your taste. Different people have a different opinion about using a capsule. Make sure that your machine is offering enough time to place the capsule perfectly. If this step is not clear you should browser some online platforms where you can watch some videos regarding the same procedure of inserting a capsule in the nespresso machine.

Close the machine

Close the machine

After inserting the capsule of popular in the nespresso machines, you will have to close the nespresso machines immediately. You cannot afford to open up the door for a long period of time is it can cause some problem to make superior quality of coffee with the greatest taste.

Place the cups under the coffee outlets

To know more about how to make coffee with nespresso machine now, you can use some other similar online platforms without asking anyone else. After following the previous steps, you will have to place the selected comes under the coffee outlets of your nespresso machine. If you will keep the mentioned things there in your mind then it is very easy for you to make a cup of coffee with the nespresso machine.

Ways to Clean the Air Cooler

Ways to Clean the Air Cooler

October 1, 2019

Air cooler is also known as name of the swamp cooler. Actually, it is not an air conditioner but, air coolers which evaporate the water. You have to put the water in machine and it blows the air across water. With process of evaporating the water, it makes air cool. Air cooler is an ideal tool that can make the climate perfect. You should use this tool in a dry and warm climate. But, it is mandatory to clean the air filters. After 3 months of use, you have to clean the air cooler to get fresh and cold air.

The steps

how to clean the air cooler

 Do you want to know about the actual steps of cleaning the air cooler? Now, you can clean the air cooler easily when you are following all these mentioned steps.

 First of all, you have to unplug the air cooler from the socket.

 It is time to open the air cooler and remove the air filter from water. After that, you should remove the water basin.

 You can full the sink with warm water and use one teaspoon of the soap. Now, place the water in water basin and describe it until it cleans. It is time to rinse the water and clean it. Now, you have to make the water basin dry.

 To remove the dust or debris, there is need to rinse the air filter with clean water. It allows providing cold air and making the air filter clean.

 In the end, wipe down the exterior of air cooler. It is good to clean the exterior of air cooler with cloth. Even, you can use the wet cloth which helps you to clean all the dust.

The cleaning process

There is number of people who want to know how to clean the air cooler easily? Sometimes, you are reading the steps and follow some instructions to clean the air cooler. But, you can’t clean it perfectly as you want. So, you can start watching out the air cooler cleaning videos and follow that step by step. It can clean the air cooler efficiently. Now, you are using effective techniques to clean air cooler without wasting your time. It can also increase the life of your hair color and you can get more operational activities.

Why clean?

Why clean

Do you want to know about how to clean air cooler? Now, you can do some research on it and get the information with the help of internet. After that, you can make the air cooler clean as you want. You can follow all the above-mentioned steps which can help you to clean the air cooler as well. You should use the soap material or liquid solution to clean the air filter. Actually, you have to clean the exterior of your cooler. Gadget World can help you to keep your air cooler clean and you can use it perfectly.

For the purpose of cleaning, you have to remove all the old water from air cooler. To get the cold air, you can change the mats of cooler time to time. It is good to remove the old water in a week from your cooler. It can help you to prevent the dust and Debris inside air cooler. The prevention of fungus can help you to keep your hair color clean and it never affects the environment. Regardless of facing the temperature issues after turning on the air cooler, it is good to clean it regularly. Unless it is mentioned to make the cleaning of air cooler in a week.