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Home Paint Colors

Home Paint Colors
Posted: February 1, 2021 at 6:25 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Picking colors for the outside of your home can be fun and easy if you follow a few tips to help you keep from getting stressed out. There are a few things to remember when beginning a project such as painting. First you want to make sure that it is a color that you like, you don’t want to come home every day to a home that you hate the look of. The next thing is that if you have a flower garden, you want the flowers to stand out and be pretty against the color of you home. Last but not least, you want to make sure that your shutters are a matching color that looks great with the color of the outside of your home.

Picking colors

Making sure that you like a color is a lot easier than picking one for the outside of your home, but lets face it, lime green, neon yellow, and black are not always a good choice no matter how much you may like the color. You need to pick a color that is cool and calm, but that suits your taste as well. If neon yellow is the color that you absolutely love, a great idea would be to paint the house white, eggshell, or a mild yellow and add the neon yellow to the shutters and doors to keep the overall look from being too shocking. The same goes for any other color. Keep it calm and relaxing and don’t make it too much of a noticeable landmark, unless that is what you are going for.

Colors that are popular are mild blues, whites, and the wood look. These options are seen in many different homes throughout the area and if you want to go for the look that is popular, are not a bad idea. One thing that you should think of however is making sure that your house does not overshadow the rest of the landscape of your home. If you have a garden that contains a lot of pinks and purples, if you paint the house one of those colors, then you can’t see the beauty of the flowers as well. It is again for this reason that the best alternative is to add color to the shutters, and make the rest of the house a milder color that portrays beauty and helps to add to the landscape.

The most important things are to make sure you like your home, you are comfortable with the way it looks, and that you like coming home to it. As long as those three things are true, you will be happy with any color that you pick. A great way to see if you would like the look is to tape color swatches to the side of the house and try to imagine the way it will look. If you pick the wrong color don’t fret too much, painting can be tedious work, but it is something that can be redone if you don’t like it.