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How to Make Lamp Shades at Home with Paper?

Paper Lamp Shade
Posted: September 27, 2018 at 4:50 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

If you have the creative DIY gene in you, we understand that you like to experiment every now and then. There are wonderful and exquisite things of everyday use that you can shape simply using paper, and one of the most amazing things happens to be a lamp shade. The perfect light can do wonders for your home as well as your mood. So, if you have your wonderful collection of lamps, you can sit back at home and make glitzy lamp shades using paper.

These lamp shades look as beautiful as ever and you will have your guests wowing at where you got these from! Home made lampshades are a fun process, and the outcome will have you drooling. Your favorite lamp can now have the perfect lampshade made by your very own hands and you can flaunt your dexterity all you want.

What do you need to make your lampshade?

A good DIY mind, sit-downs with the list of essential supplies before getting to the task. So, here’s your list of the items you need to make your desirable lampshade:

– Textured paper/ Handmade paper (2 long sheets)

– Scissors

– Glue

– Ruler

– Some water paint

– Colorful threads

Once you are loaded with these supplies, you can easily follow the guidelines on how to make paper lampshades and give yourself a beautiful handmade gift this evening.

How to make a paper lampshade?

What really decides the making of your lampshade is the shape of your lamp, and as it may vary, you can mold the steps according to your personal needs. Here are the basic steps you need to follow in order to make your paper lampshade:

– Cut out an oversized circle from the handmade paper that easily covers the top of your lamp.

– Use a differently textured paper to roll out a cylinder with its top circle equal to the circle you cut in the first place.

– Let the cylinder be slightly longer than the height of your light (not your lamp). So, that it can cover your light graciously.

– Stick the circle to one end of the cylinder using the appropriate amount of glue.

– Use the fancy threads and glue them in intricate patterns around the cylinder.

– Use paint to make some more designs on your lampshade. This will help emit light in different colors.

– Make the patterns and designs of your choice on the cylinder.

– Once you feel satisfied with your design, you are almost done with the creative part of your lampshade making the initiative.

– Cover your lamp using the lampshade and let your light burn bright.

How to decorate the paper lampshade?

You can use all the things in the world you want to decorate your little lampshade. You can start by giving it a dash of some colors. You can use matchsticks, broken bangles, threads, wool, ice cream sticks, clay, buttons, beads or even cloth pieces to decorate your lampshade.

It is all upon you how you wish to decorate your lampshade. With every piece of art, you need to keep in mind that you never overdo things, and the same holds true for your lampshade.

Why should you try making paper lampshades?

All the creative bunch of people out there will have a similar answer to this question. An answer short and sweet, an answer that is more of a question: “Why not?”

So, you have every reason to set your hands on your craft supplies and craft the perfect lampshade for yourself this spring.

These will Illume your home to glory and will make your smiles brighter. You will also get some space to hone your rusting crafting skills while making good use of your time.

Stuff you need to know about your pretty lampshade!

how to make lampshades at home with paper

Homemade lampshades will surely be a fun and artistic activity to indulge in and will also give a new, gorgeous touch to your homes. They will brighten up your room and increase the beauty of your lamp. So, if you have been cutting down on your DIY craving, paper lampshades are easy and intriguing, to begin with.

You can set your hands on different kinds of papers and patterns to achieve different results. You will need around 30 to 40 minutes approximately to make your paper lampshade. Once you are bored of seeing one for too long, you can always make another. It is cost effective, easy to make and you can always put in your favorite designs which you are not likely to find if you go out shopping for one. DIYs bring joy to your soul, and that is what this lampshade will do to you. You will stimulate your brain in a positive manner and your brain will give bloom to fresh ideas.

You need not necessarily make lampshades for yourself. You can also consider it an overwhelming gift your loved ones will be glad to receive. Gifts with a sense of personal touch are always closer to the heart, and handmade gifts have always been known to gather the most of love and warmth.

So, you should definitely take time out to get to make a dainty lampshade for yourself or your cherished ones sometime soon. Why go out and spend money when your hands are blessed themselves? So, you have every reason to make your own paper lampshade right away.

You can always browse through books and the internet to look for ideas that can help you out in a more creative manner. Go get your supplies from the store and free your slot as you sit down to make the most perfect lampshade ever. It is never too late to begin giving a push to your crafty skills and the lights and lamps in your house are waiting for a hint of your creativity. Let the artist in you begin the good work! Make your lampshade, gather some happiness and spread some.