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How to Adjust Garage Door Height?

How to Adjust Garage Door Height
Posted: October 5, 2020 at 5:43 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Adjusting a garage door height is an easy task and it takes just ten to fifteen minutes to fix it. Usually, the height of a garage door is adjusted by the garage opener which is called tweaking. It controls the process of opening and closing the work of the garage door repair Atlanta. Once you fully read the garage controller then it is very simple to adjust its height. Even it is very important to adjust the height because it improves security and energy. So the below points will show how to adjust the garage door’s height in simple steps.

Adjust Garage Door Height

When you decided to fix this problem then you should have the two components such as step ladder and a screwdriver. So the first step is to try to place your step ladder in front of the garage door. And adjust its height for your wish. The main thing is to make sure it is stable or not. After that, you should find out the height adjustment screws. And you can find out this on the side of the garage door opener. Mostly it is made in plastic and you can easily find out them because they already having markings like “open” and “close” or “up” and “down”. Then step three is this is the last step to adjusting its height.

And adjusting the height is always depends on you so try to clear about that. So if you want less space when the door is closed then you should turn the screw either open or up in the clockwise direction. Turing the open screw will increase the height of the door also truing the close screw will reduce the height of the door. After doing this just test the limits and this is for whether it is correctly fixed or not. Finally, adjust the closing height like truing close and down screws. In this, you should turn the screws in the counterclockwise. So these are all the steps to fix the garage door, read it and make use of it.

Six Troubleshooting Tip for Electric Garage Doors:

Six Troubleshooting Tip for Electric Garage Doors

The first one is to check the power source. If the opener does not get the power frequently then it may not work properly. The second step is to check there is no dirt on the opener because if dust occupies the opener then it will not work properly. The third step is also checking and this checking is for damage to the door. If the door gets damaged then it also causes imperfect condition of the door. The fourth step is taking a cooler and cools the door for fifteen minutes. Sometimes heat will cause this problem. The fifth tip is pushing the auxiliary push-button control. If it is working correctly then the problem is in the defective push-button control so try to change it. The sixth tip is the same security code can also cause this problem so try to change the code of yours. So follow these steps and fix the problems quickly.