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How Do Elevators Work?

How Do Elevators Work
Posted: February 26, 2019 at 9:03 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Have you ever thought about the working of the elevator? There are lots of people who use Elevators every day in the residential and commercial buildings and they still don’t know about the proper working of it because of its covered parts. Most of the working parts of Elevators are covered and you just use its cabin. Today, lifts are used in most of the residential and commercial multi-storey buildings to make it better for every person. If you also love to hit the buttons of the elevator for an easy and comfortable ride, you should definitely know about its working here:

Key parts of Elevators

Key parts of Elevators:

Before knowing about the working of an elevator, you should be familiar with its key parts. Most of the people only know about the visual parts like the door and cabin but there is much more to know about it. Here are the details of parts of the elevator:

• One or more metal boxes (cabins) to rise up and down
• Counterweights to balance the cabin
• Electric motor with a Braking System
• Pulleys and strong metal cables between motors and cabin
• Additional safety systems for the protection of passengers in case of breakage of the cable

These are the common key parts of most of the Elevators used in the buildings. However, modern Elevators are also available with some additional features to make your experience much comfortable and better.

Working of the Elevators

Working of the Elevators:

In the elevator, the car will be connected to the pulley system by using the metal or steel cable. The electric motor is used with Pulley that will pull up or down the car. As you know, the counterweights are used to balance the Elevators and to help in moving from top to bottom Floor or vice versa. Some of the people must be familiar with counterweight part that you can see on the ground floor when the elevator is at the top floor.

When the lift will come down the counterweight will go up and this process will work in the same way when the car will go up. In most of the modern Elevators, automatic doors are used and it is very comfortable and convenient for normal passengers as well as the handicapped people. Automatic door system also uses the motor that will be connected to the arm attached to the door. It will work to move the door in forth and back position.

When you travel in the lift, you may think about what will happen if the cable breaks. There is no need to worry because of additional safety brake systems used in the Elevators. In all the lifts, these safety brake systems are used for the safety of passengers. This system is very effective to skip any kind of accident in case of breakage of the cable.

Working of the hydraulic elevator:

Today, hydraulic Elevators are also popular in several countries and used instead of traction Elevators explained above. Hydraulic Elevators are considered as the cheaper option and work in a simple mechanical way. There will not be any counterweight part in these Elevators. Hydraulic RAM is used in these Elevators that works to raise and lower the car with passengers in it. Hydraulic RAM is a fluid-filled Piston system that works to move the car for the passengers.

Most of the elevators use this kind of principle of working and there are some of the additional safety features available in the Elevators to make it better and safer for the passengers. The working of additional parts will depend on the designing and functionality of the elevator. You can definitely make some research about the working of a specific type of elevator at the websites.