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How To Remove A Kitchen Cabinet?

Remove Kitchen Cabinet
Posted: October 6, 2018 at 5:04 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Are you tired of your old and stinky kitchen cabinet and want to get rid of it? Well, no worries because you have managed to arrive to on the correct door. We, here provide you the easiest procedure that would take not much time of yours. But first things first, before you use your tools, the water tap should be turned off and so should the electricity supply. And then, take out the pipes connected to that portion, to go about a safe removal of your cabinet.

Step1- Take Down The Doors And Drawers First:

Whenever you want to remove you’re your kitchen cabinet, always try to start with the doors and windows, as it comes as the easiest as compared to the rest of the cabinet. Take out your screwdriver and start taking out the hinges of the door. You can also use a drill machine as it would perform faster and better. Once you have removed all the doors, keep them away and peek into the sides of the drawers and figure out the way they are attached to the support. Start to unscrew the fastenings and take out the drawers. In case you want to use any of the parts for later, clean them up and put them in a plastic bag.

Step 2- Countertops Are Next In Line:

Once you are done with the drawers and doors and kept them safely away from the moisture, get on with your countertop. There are usually four types of countertops present in the market, namely, plastic laminate, tile, wooden slab, and marble. You might have a hard time taking out the tile countertop as the tiles may break easily. They are made from glass and are very fragile. In case you are sure to remove it, let them break while you remove them and get new tiles for later. In case you want to remove a marble slab, you can very easily do that by using a solvent with a knife, preferably a putty knife.

For wooden slabs, you can remove them by unscrewing the fasteners and then putting them away for later use. You can do the same for plastic screws, but make sure to be careful with salvage screws in case of both plastic and wooden slab.

While removing the countertop, the sink should be the first thing that comes out. For that, you need to remove the counter seal from the sink by using a hammer. Now, take out the sink by lifting it up and put it somewhere safe. Once done, remove the holders that connect the faucet of the sink to it. Take out the faucet and you are good to go.

How To Remove A Kitchen Cabinet

Step 3 – The Trim Moldings:

Trim moldings, in case you are not sure, are the decorative linings or moldings that you see on your walls. They are not really necessary to remove but in case you have decided to be done with them from your walls and save them for later use, we are here with an easy method that would help you do that. What you have to do is take a pry bar or a screwdriver, whatever is comfortable to you, and squeeze it beneath the moldings and try to pull it out straight from the nails to which they are attached. Do make sure the nails that get left behind are taken out and kept with the moldings so that no one gets hurt by accident. It is not an easy task to remove the moldings that too without breaking them. To make sure you are not breaking the moldings you wish to pull out, you need to give in more time and a lot of precision to go about the process. You can also try to take the nails out first before you pull the entire molding out and damage it. Removing nails first would take a lot of time and care as well. You can also use wood putty to disguise the hole where you think they are required.

Safety first:

When trying to remove the cabinets placed higher on the ground, make sure to call a person for help and not do this alone. Also, remove the lower cabinet first to not to damage them while taking out the upper ones.