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How to Install Glass Railing on Stairs

How to Install Glass Railing on Stairs
Posted: October 19, 2020 at 8:36 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Many of the people want their new or old home stairs decorated with glass railing. If you too want to do that with your home and want to know the steps of the installation, below have been mentioned the very general method to install the glass rails. Let’s have a look at all the required steps in this method one by one.

Install Posts

For installing the glass rails, first of all, we need to fix some support that can hold the glass panels. These supports are known as posts that need to be fixed on each of the treads. For doing so we need the help of neoprene pads, drill machines, and screws. While installing these posts we should take care of many of the things like the posts should be straight and firm. The RCB holes of each post should face the next post in the line. The gap between the posts should not exceed more than 5 feet. You can do these things with the method of surface mounting or either with Fascia mounting.

Install Top Rails

Install Top Rails

In the next step you should, install the top rails on the posts. In this method, you need to make the holes in the top rails if the holes are not there already. After doing so you need to keep them on the posts and press them till you feel it will not go more down on the posts. The ends of the top rails should fix with the method inline splices. After this, you need to Mount top Rails properly and check that nothing is loose from any angle. Once you find that everything is good on the top rails, you should fix the endplates of the top rails with the help of proper screws, visit here for more :

RCB Mount

In this step, you need to mount the RCB on the given place within the frames of posts. After this, you need to measure and cut the bottom rails. Once you cut them properly, you need to fix these bottom rails just in the way you did for the top rails. Except for one or two methods, the rest of the steps of installing the bottom rails is just like the installation method of top railings.

Vinyl and refill work

Once you complete the above steps, you need to cut and install the Vinyl and Refill. Before you start doing this, you need to take the measurements of the top and bottom rails once again. After that, you need to match those measurements with vinyl and refill and cut them if needed.

Measuring the panel of glass

Measuring the panel of glass

After this, we need to measure the glass panel which we want to install in between the frames formed by posts and top and bottom rails. After measuring, cut the glasses if required, and make it ready to install.

Installing of glass panels

Now in the installation method, you need to keep the soapy water or any lubrication on all the edges of the glass and on the area nearby the edges. Now you just need to keep this glass insert first of either in down rail or top rail and then adjust it to fit firmly in that frame.


Above we discussed one of the many methods for installing the glass railing. This method is just a simple method that gives you just the general idea of the installation of glass railing. For more info about any specific type of glass railing installed, you can visit our other posts on the same topic or you may google that too.