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Ways to Clean the Air Cooler

Ways to Clean the Air Cooler
Posted: October 1, 2019 at 7:50 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Air cooler is also known as name of the swamp cooler. Actually, it is not an air conditioner but, air coolers which evaporate the water. You have to put the water in machine and it blows the air across water. With process of evaporating the water, it makes air cool. Air cooler is an ideal tool that can make the climate perfect. You should use this tool in a dry and warm climate. But, it is mandatory to clean the air filters. After 3 months of use, you have to clean the air cooler to get fresh and cold air.

The steps

how to clean the air cooler

 Do you want to know about the actual steps of cleaning the air cooler? Now, you can clean the air cooler easily when you are following all these mentioned steps.

 First of all, you have to unplug the air cooler from the socket.

 It is time to open the air cooler and remove the air filter from water. After that, you should remove the water basin.

 You can full the sink with warm water and use one teaspoon of the soap. Now, place the water in water basin and describe it until it cleans. It is time to rinse the water and clean it. Now, you have to make the water basin dry.

 To remove the dust or debris, there is need to rinse the air filter with clean water. It allows providing cold air and making the air filter clean.

 In the end, wipe down the exterior of air cooler. It is good to clean the exterior of air cooler with cloth. Even, you can use the wet cloth which helps you to clean all the dust.

The cleaning process

There is number of people who want to know how to clean the air cooler easily? Sometimes, you are reading the steps and follow some instructions to clean the air cooler. But, you can’t clean it perfectly as you want. So, you can start watching out the air cooler cleaning videos and follow that step by step. It can clean the air cooler efficiently. Now, you are using effective techniques to clean air cooler without wasting your time. It can also increase the life of your hair color and you can get more operational activities.

Why clean?

Why clean

Do you want to know about how to clean air cooler? Now, you can do some research on it and get the information with the help of internet. After that, you can make the air cooler clean as you want. You can follow all the above-mentioned steps which can help you to clean the air cooler as well. You should use the soap material or liquid solution to clean the air filter. Actually, you have to clean the exterior of your cooler. Gadget World can help you to keep your air cooler clean and you can use it perfectly.

For the purpose of cleaning, you have to remove all the old water from air cooler. To get the cold air, you can change the mats of cooler time to time. It is good to remove the old water in a week from your cooler. It can help you to prevent the dust and Debris inside air cooler. The prevention of fungus can help you to keep your hair color clean and it never affects the environment. Regardless of facing the temperature issues after turning on the air cooler, it is good to clean it regularly. Unless it is mentioned to make the cleaning of air cooler in a week.