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Garage Door Makes Banging Noise When Opening

Garage Door Makes Banging Noise When Opening
Posted: November 6, 2020 at 6:49 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

What is mean by garage door?

Garage door is used in the houses at the garage area. In the garage we will keep the old things or some tools. The garage is used mostly in the house because all important tools will be left over there. For repairing some items we will take that thing to the garage and do our work. We won’t take it inside the home. Gardening things also kept over there. It is not only used for these things but also used for parking too. Mostly it is used for car parking or vehicles parking. In all houses the garage will be present. We can’t park vehicle as our wish because it causes trouble to the public. If we park our vehicle in outdoor of the house also cause trouble due to climatic changes. It affects the condition of the vehicles too. The size of the garage depends on our needs and size of the vehicle. We can park cars, two wheelers and trucks too in the garage at the same time. It is based on the garage size. The garage door services Minneapolis can be operated both by manual and electrical way. From the garage we can directly go into the house, there will be opening to the house. So we need not to come out after parking the vehicle, we can close the door from inside the garage.

What makes banging noise while opening the door?

What makes banging noise while opening the door

The garage door is attached to some springs. This is used to lift the door. The spring is used both in manual and electric operated door. Without the spring we can’t lift the door. Sometimes the spring may get stucked due to rusting over it. It is caused by the long time usage and changes in weather condition. The water present in the spring will corrode it easily. So it will cause some banging sound while opening and closing of the door. This is the not only reason for the noisy sound. There are some other reasons too. The improper fitting of the door also leads to noisy sound. The door is not fitted properly to the place where it is fixed. Because the size of the door may vary, so it won’t fix properly. That time it will cause the banging noisy sound in the door. The loss of lubrication will cause the noise too. Lubrication is must to operate the garage door because we need to apply some oil or grease to the door regularly. Without the lubrication in the door we can’t lift it easily. The door will be easily blocked at the center. It makes unpleasant sound to hear. So we need to apply the lubrication oil in regular interval of time. The loose nuts in the door will also make the noise. By the regular usage of the door, some nuts can get loosen. The opening and closing of the door will cause the nuts to move from its place. For some moves the door will be in good condition, but after regular usage problems will arise one by one. So we need to make sure that the nuts are fixed properly in the regular period of time. We need to maintain the garage door properly, because the noisy sound will make unpleasant sound to us and surrounding people too. At regular interval of time we need to check the door properly to avoid those noise causing issues. Without the regular checkup it may damage the complete door system. The lock should be also maintained properly or else the thieves can enter into the garage and steel the things. It’s our duty to maintain the garage door properly.