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Building Your Ladybug Friends a Home in Your Garden

Building Your Ladybug Friends a Home in Your Garden
Posted: January 9, 2021 at 6:43 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Oh Yea, a Little Piece of Heaven for the Ladybugs that Keep Our Gardens Beautiful

Ladybugs are the best friend to any garden.

These little beetles (yes, ladybugs are beetles) take care of your plants by eating some pest that can actually destroy your garden. We all know that when a garden is planted it becomes a home to alot of unwanted pests that can kill the plants in the garden. Well mother nature has a surprise for you called Ladybugs, with ladybugs in your garden you won’t need any chemical sprays to treat for bugs, just let the ladybugs do the work for you. Ladybugs protect your garden from aphids, mealybugs, mites, scale insects and thrips. Even though aphids are the ladybugs preferred food they also need a source of pollen for food. It a good idea to plant some of the following plants so your friendly ladybug friends can live a long healthy life in your garden. Pollen producing foods for ladybugs include: fennel, dill, cilantro, cosmos (especially the white ones), scented geraniums and dandelions.

Ladybugs are attracted to color and light.

Why is color & light so important? To attract the ladybugs you need to have plenty of sun light and the right colors in your garden. By planting a few rows of white or lightly colored flowers in between your crops you are sure to attract the wonderful ladybugs that you and your garden will enjoy. Don’t forget the kinds of flowers to use are: fennel, dill, cilantro, cosmos, (especially the white ones), scented geraniums and dandelions.

Building the house for your gardening friends.

Building the house for your gardening friends

While having these ladybugs in your garden is a wonderful thing, it’s very important to have a home for them to stay. As soon as your ladybug house is built you will have a forever friend for your garden.

Time for the instructions to build your very own ladybug house. No it doesn’t have to be in the shape of a ladybug, but if you want to get creative go for it here.

You will need: wood (about 1 inch thick — possibly a little thicker) , saw, nails, hammer, 1 or 2 hinges with screws, little round knob with one screw, white paint, a 2 x 2 (to attach to the house), spray clear coat on house to make weather resistant.

NOTE : You will probably be using a drill for screwing in screws so make sure the box is big enough for your drill to fit inside the box when the top and bottom have been added to the house. Best to make to the house longer and wider than the drill.

NOTE: This house can’t be touching the ground, but it does need sun light. Place about 2 foot off the ground.

1.) Measure out what size you want your house to be 5 x 5 or 8 x 8 inches. You will need 3 pieces of wood to be this size.

2.) Cut wood out according to the size you choose.

3.) Nail these pieces together to form the back and sides of the house.

4.) Measure to see how big the top and bottom need to be, then cut accordingly.

5.) Nail the bottom and top onto the house.

6.) For the front door this will need to be smaller than the back panel to allow the ladybugs to come in and out. You will be attaching this piece to the top of the house with the hinges. So make the sides and bottom of the door about 1 inch smaller so ladybugs can go in and out.

7.) Once you have measured and cut the wood make sure that you have a space around both sides and the bottom.

8.) Now you are ready to attach the little knob on the door near the bottom to allow you easy access to clean the inside and add water. You may also add sticks inside the house for climbing, (only add sticks once house is finished).

9.) Place the 2 x 2 behind the house and center house in the middle of the 2 x 2. Then screw the house on the 2×2 starting the screw inside the house and screwing it into the 2×2.

9.) Take the hinges and place on top edge of the house, attach screws accordingly. Once the hinge is properly attached to the top edge, now attach the top of the door to the bottom of the hinge that’s hanging down. Once the door is screwed in place slowly lower door by holding the knob and make sure the sides and bottom won’t touch.

10.) Paint the outside of the house white, light yellow or light blue. remember light colors attract ladybugs.
Paint the 2×2 white to attract the bugs to the pole so they hopefully will climb up to the house.

11.) Allow paint to dry on the house and pole.

12.) Dig hole for your 2×2 and put in the garden.

13.) Place 2×2 in the ground and make sure it’s secure enough to stand alone. If not then place rocks, bricks, or cinder blocks around the 2×2.

14.) Place sticks inside the house if you wish with a little water misted on them. The ladybugs enjoy a drink after traveling to the garden.

Your finished ! ! ! ! Once the ladybugs know that you have flowers and food they will come to your garden for a long stay at your ladybug hotel and make your garden their home. Happy Healthy Gardening to all.